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Left to right:  Miss Rapid's, Katie's, Jackie's, and Sadie's foals.

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Sadie's Foal

Sadie (Ole Mans Shade, the dam of this foal) foaled a blue roan colt on March 29.  He is by a 100% roan producer, Blue Quachita Hancock.  This colt is 29.69% Blue Valentine!  Sadie's PedigreeFor sale!

Fall (he's on the left in the first picture)

3 months (above)

2 months old (above)

2 weeks old (above)

For sale!

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Katie's Foal:

Katie (the dam) is 12.5% Blue Valentine plus has Double Drift on her papers.  The sire of this foal is Blantons O Too Cool who has 4 of the world's top legendary rope horse sires in five generations.  This foal is a gorgeous roan, with natural cow ability with the Hancock/Driftwood cross.  SOLD!



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Jackie's Filly:

Jackie (the dam) is 18.75% Blue Valentine, and is double bred Blue Valentine and Jackie Bee.  This filly's sire is  Blue Quachita Hancock.  She is 32.81% Blue Valentine and probably will be roan.  Could also carry the gray gene as well!  Jackie's PedigreeSOLD!



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Miss Rapid's foal is here...a filly!  (not for sale)



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