Kingfishers Storm



45+% Blue Valentine.


Broken Bones ranch breeding on top and out of a double-bred Blues Kingfisher mare, Miss Rapid Hancock.


Not as tall as some but stocky and bulldog type. Just take a look at her son on the stallion page.

SIRE side of pedigree   Mr Roan Hancock 1980
       1673658 blue roan
Salty Roan 1960
       0150976 roan
  Hancocks Blue Boy 1986
       2528432 blue roan
Gila Jo Hancock 1965
       0383873 brown
  Bluebird Hancock 1982
       1930927 blue roan
Apache Joe Hancock 1974
       1002725 red roan
Royal Blue Hancock 1993
       3230192 blue roan
  Wyo Lady 24 1972
       0841842 blue roan
  Blue Valentine 1956
       0097116 roan
Red Man 1935
       0001685 roan
  Miss Hydy Girl 1978
       1432523 blue roan
Beauty's Dream 1938
       0001391 black
  Hydel Girl 44 1969
       0685856 palomino
Mandy's Dart 1957
       0115141 dun
    Hydel Girl 1962
       0239464 dun

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DAM side of pedigree Blue Valentine
blue roan
Red Man
  Blues Kingfisher
blue roan
Beautys Dream
  Missus Robin Reedart
Miss Rapid Hancock   Machero
  Blues Kingfisher Blue Valentine
  Blues Almost Roan Missus Robin
  Rapid Maid Gooseberry
    Sally Maid



6 Shoe Quarter Horses

6722 Henryville Road
Pheba, MS 39755

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