Mr Lil Blue Tom Offspring

Mr Lil Blue Tom, aka "LT"



April 2008 Blue Roan Stallion


36.75% Blue Valentine


Homozygous black and roan and does not carry the agouti gene.


U.C. color results: EE RNRN aa


Videos available at


Sire: Mr Blue Tom Hancock (by Blues Kingfisher)


See our Stallions page for breeding information.

LT goes back to Blue Valentine 7x through well known decedents such as Mr Blue Tom Hancock, Blues Kingfisher, Lil Bros and Leo Hancock Hayes and Gooseberry.

Because LT is homozygous for black and roan, his offspring are always roan, and black based. If bred to a gray mare, some offspring will inherit the mare's gray gene and will eventually turn gray.

LT competed successfully in Craig Cameron Extreme Cowboy Race with cowboy and trainer Tim Edge. Tim also was preparing LT to heel in team roping. LT has natural cow instinct and was quickly advancing but did not get to finish his training due to Timís tragic accident.

Option for onsite AI or shipped cooled semen will be provided by the College of Veterinary Medicine (CVM) at Mississippi State University.
Call or email for breeding information.


Dun roan filly out of Wyo Blue Maid
Photos by Lee Ann Helms

Grullo roan filly, owned by Charley Mahler, out of Uncommon Molly
Photos by Lee Ann Helms

Blue roan filly out of Cowboys Grullo Gal, owned by Craig and Melanie Hankins.
Picture taken by Craig Hankins

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