Mr Blue Tom Hancock

1993 - October 10, 2009
"He is alright.  Just gone for a little ride with Ray."

37.5% Blue Valentine  14% Joe Hancock
91.4% FQHA, 92% NFQHA
Homozygous for black

In my dreams
You stand on the hill
Overlooking your mares
Proud and still.

The wind softly blows
your long black mane
The sun shines on you forever
You feel no pain.

You have wings now
to fly high
Your legs are strong again
as you race to the sky.

Your head held high
Your tail flowing behind
As you leap and play
and dance around.

The angels are with you
their fingers twisted in your mane
as they ride you over heavens plain.

We will miss you, Tom
each and everyday.
But our wonderful memories of you
will never fade away.

Rest in peace old friend.
Lee Ann Helms 10/10/09

Tom was in a Nebraska feedlot along with working in the arena as a head, heel, hazing and calf horse. He was 15.1 hands and weighed ~1275 pounds.  Tom was homozygous for black pigment, and never sired a sorrel foal.  The majority of Tom's foals were blue roan, bay roan, black, and bay, but all have genetically black legs. 

Tom produced very talented and hard-working horses that have proved their versatility by working and competing on ranches, roping, barrel racing, trail riding...just about anything they could be asked to do.

Thanks to LeeAnn Helms for this collage of one of her horses by Tom

Photos/Collage by Studio LaRue Photography

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Mr Blue Tom Hancock 3221363 1993 blue roan stallion


SIRE side of pedigree   Red Man 1935
       0001685 roan
Joe Hancock 1923
       0000455 brown
  Blue Valentine 1956
       0097116 roan
Burnett Roan Mare
      U0069050 n/a
  Beauty's Dream 1938
       0001391 black
Valentine 1927
       0025263 black
Blues Kingfisher 1977
       1304911 blue roan
here to view his web page.
  Holcak's Beauty 1933
       0001390 black
  Reedart 1959
       0113936 sorrel
Robin Reed 1949
       0028978 sorrel
  Missus Robin 1966
       0457329 chestnut
Artemis 1949
       0029525 sorrel
  Machero 1961
       0181211 chestnut
Begger's Bar 1956
       0108101 chestnut
    Sweetwater 1952
       0034005 chestnut

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DAM side of pedigree   Blue Valentine 1956
       0097116 roan
Red Man 1935
       0001685 roan
  Little Bros 1968
       0620752 roan
Beauty's Dream 1938
       0001391 black
  Glassy 1947
       0021974 sorrel
Patron 1940
       0001001 sorrel
Lil Crystal Clear 1980
       1643552 buckskin
  Hayes' Honey 1929
       0032937 dun
  Mandy's Dart 1957
       0115141 dun
Dart Bar 1953
       0064254 sorrel
  Blue Easter 30 1968
       0626249 dun
Mandy II 1943
       0004975 dun
  Blue Easter 6 1958
       0096589 bay
Tom Hancock 1943
       0003638 brown
    Blue Easter 1951
       0057520 dun

Ridden by Michael Freely.  662-272-8679

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Tom Heading

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Breed your mare to a little history! 

These great sires are in Tom's extended pedigree:

Many ropers of today say that Joe Hancock was one of the all-time great sires of rope horses.  Legends:  A Western Horseman Book.

Three Bars has had the greatest impact on the Quarter Horse breed of any horse in history.  Legends.

Peter McCue:  His name is still one of the most recognizable in Quarter Horse history.  Legends.

Some horses are born to run, and Joe Reed II was one of those.  Legends.

Leo:  He was a speed horse and one of the all-time great sires.  Legends.

Ambrose:  He had an ideal Quarter Horse head with big, kind eyes.  Western Horseman article.

Blue Valentine...did everything on him--roped calves, team roped, tripped steers.  Whenever there's cowboyin' to be done--out in the open or in the Rodeo arena--the Hancocks have proven they can handle the job.  Western Horseman article.

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Charley Mahler
Allen, Nebraska




Mary and Lee Scruggs, Co-Owners
6 Shoe Quarter Horses
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"I'd like help the human understand how much less he can use and how much more he can get done. The human is so busy working on the horse, that he doesn't allow the horse to learn. They need to quit working on the horse and start working on themselves. They might get it done, but they don't get it done with the horse in the right frame of mind. The horse usually gets the job done in spite of us, not because of us."

---Ray Hunt


6 Shoe Quarter Horses

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