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Ridden by Tim Edge

Our specialty is raising Hancock and Blue Valentine-bred, using type quarter horses with family type personalities. Blue Valentine, a grandson of Joe Hancock, was an excellent steer tripping and roping horse. He was a predominant sire of world-class rodeo and working horses. His bloodline can still be seen on working ranches, at rodeos, and as a family’s all-around versatile riding companion. The following links are a good read to learn more about Blue Valentine and Joe Hancock. Baru Spiller also wrote a good informative article on Blue Valentine.

Intrested in learning more about Joe Hancock and Blue Valentine’s history? Read the Articals below:

"I'd like to help the human understand how much less he can use and how much more he can get done. The human is so busy working on the horse, that he doesn't allow the horse to learn. They need to quit working on the horse and start working on themselves. They might get it done, but they don't get it done with the horse in the right frame of mind. The horse usually gets the job done in spite of us, not because of us."

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